We combine the operating experience from tenured leaders with a data-driven approach. This drives profitable revenue growth. Our team is trained in this disciplined approach so we can help our clients to develop a profitable, competitive market advantage.

We are a collective of tenured sales and marketing leaders with proven management consulting and actual field experience. We combine our expertise through collaboration, shared processes, and cloud-based tool sets. Our unique best of breed approach equips us to help our clients develop a competitive advantage and deliver on profitable revenue expectations.


Our team has deep expertise as disciplined operators that embrace proven frameworks to deliver a repeatable, long term solutions. We value both IQ and EQ which enables our project teams to meld with your team as one. Below is a list of our leaders.  Cortado Group has a network of over 30 experts that are called upon as needed by our clients.

Dan Bernoske
Managing Director

Founder of Cortado Group with a vision to create a collective of skilled experts that lead meaningful change. Dan’s background in product management in both Fortune 500 and start-up environments is applied today to the productization of consulting services. The result is a team of process and data-driven,  sales, marketing, and operations experts.

John Auer

John Auer
Advisory Practice Lead

John is a veteran sales leader with a no-nonsense approach to achieving revenue targets.  As a Principal Consultant and as a Managing Director of Sales Excellence in the Private Equity world, his assignments included companies with extensive restructuring issues.   His unique background of success across multiple industries earns him respect in the board room and trust from the “boiler-rooms” of selling.

George de los Reyes
Advisory Practice Lead

George is a strategic planning/execution and problem-solving expert. With a focus on go-to-market, George identified growth levers, grew top line revenue, and accelerated value-creation for his clients as both an adviser and as an interim Chief Revenue Officer. He has authored best practices for both client and their private equity owners.

Barry Witonsky
Analytics Practice

Revenue growth strategist with solid track record of driving profitable revenue growth for his clients.  By aligning go-to-market strategies to market opportunities, Barry has delivered buyer dynamics models, churn analysis, and lead augmentation projects (to name a few) to his clients. He sees his projects though implementation.

Kirk Snider
Advisory Practice

Kirk is a seasoned go-to-market professional who utilizes data analysis and process knowledge to help clients solve complex problems. His experience includes working with customers, in mid-sized tech and fortune 500 companies, to optimize sales and marketing capabilities. Kirk is skilled in data analytics, compensation modeling, sales playbook design, and persona development.

Steve Loftness
Advisory Practice

With a deep history with IT Service Management, Steve has worked 20+ years in process design and implementation. As a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, he helped many B2B organizations eliminate ineffective go-to-market activities and increase overall productivity. Steve provides everything from research-based personas to sales playbooks.


Our seasoned team of integration experts brings depth and operational knowledge to your business integration challenges.  The team’s experience has informed the development of our integration framework, tools, and methodology. We value both IQ and EQ which enables our project teams to meld with your team as one. Below is a list of our leaders.  Cortado Group has an expanding network of experts to address the dynamic needs of our clients.

Rob Rossi

Rob Rossi
Integrations Practice Lead

Rob is a strategy, project management, implementation, application development, IT specialist. His technology consulting experience spans retail, power utilities, cloud services and healthcare companies. Applied expertise delivers re-engineered workstreams, system integrations, platform migrations focused on accelerating growth and EBITA.

Aaron Burdett
Revenue Operations

Aaron is a sales and marketing operations professional with a decade of experience enhancing the customer experience with Salesforce, HubSpot and Marketo. He has built & repaired complex Salesforce instances in mature and startup environments. Aaron has built revenue operations teams in AGILE environments.

Nikki Denlinger
Revenue Operations

Nikki is a certified Salesforce and Hubspot expert. Focused technical customer success, process flow designs, and end-to-end lead management, she has built and integrated CRM and marketing automation systems for her clients. Nikki utilizes her background in networking and cyber security to provide comprehensive client solutions.


When Cortado Group delivers a complex data file or model, it is our goal to assure our clients get immediate value from our work.  Every strategy is only as good as its execution. As such, we have built a team of execution experts that can convert our strategic deliverables into tools that can be immediately utilized by your team.

Our revenue operations experts are certified in Salesforce, HubSpot, and other go-to-market software platforms.  We are focused on showing an immediate return on your investment in Cortado Group. Ultimately, we will assure your new account segmentation workbook, tableau dashboard, pricing model, or any other analytics output, can be integrated into your CRM and marketing automation tools from day one.


Cortado Group’s Salesforce certified developers analyze and deploy the Salesforce.com solutions that best fit the needs and capabilities of an organization.

You can count on our certified experts to have the knowledge required to support the Salesforce implementation that will power major future initiatives.


HubSpot’s software contains everything you need to do inbound marketing and sales. You can build a great responsive website, blog, email campaign, social listening, and A/B tested landing pages with a tool like HubSpot.  As a Hubspot Certified Partner, our experts can deploy this system and train your team on how to maximize the value of the platform.